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Every year, several Alumni are selected as “Outstanding Alumni”. The Outstanding Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have attained outstanding achievements and success in their professions and /or have attained outstanding service to their communities.

Below is a list of previous winners.

More information about our Outstanding Alumni can be found in our Alumni Magazine, The Chimes.

2022Dr. David MeadowsSchool of Environmental Services
2022Keifer ThompsonSchool of Liberal Arts
2022Dr. Joel GrigsbySchool of Agriculture & Natural Sciences
2022Ingersoll FamilyAward of Merit
2022Brandi PaytonOutstanding Young Alumnus
2022Dr. Hank CoinerOutstanding Retired Faculty
2022Lou BerryOutstanding Retired Staff
2021Gary CalcagnoSchool of Environmental Services
2021Kaz OkochiSchool of Liberal Arts
2021Michael KelseySchool of Agriculture & Natural Sciences
2021Peoria Tribe of Indians of OklahomaAward of Merit
2021Rachel PickensOutstanding Young Alumnus
2021Ed HammonsOutstanding Retired Faculty
2020Chuck Hoskin Sr.School of Environmental Services
2020Dr. Jeanie WebbSchool of Liberal Arts
2020Dr. Joe PeekSchool of Agriculture & Natural Sciences
2020Jurgensmeyer FamilyAward of Merit
2020Kassie McCoyOutstanding Young Alumnus
2020Orland AldridgeOutstanding Retired Faculty
2019Chad DavisOutstanding Young Alumnus
2019Charlene LeubeckerSchool of Environmental Services
2019Dr. Brian ArnallOutstanding Young Alumnus
2019Dr. Brian RenegarSchool of Agriculture & Natural Sciences
2019Dr. Paul KroutterSchool of Liberal Arts
2019Jerold GrahamOutstanding Retired Faculty
2019Sondra HoltAward of Merit
2018Annette BlackAward of Merit
2018Dr. Kenneth SewellSchool of Agriculture & Natural Sciences
2018Dr. Ric BaserSchool of Liberal Arts
2018Earl DunklebergerSchool of Environmental Services
2018John LomaxOutstanding Retired Faculty
2018Jonas RabelOutstanding Young Alumnus
2017Anna MilliganAward of Merit
2017Dean KruithofO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2017Dr. Maxine CornwellOutstanding Retired Faculty
2017Dr. Shannon CunninghamO.A. – School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
2017Jerry CrawfordO.A. – School of Human and Environmental Sciences
2017Marcel WaltherOutstanding Young Alumnus
2016David KisslerO.A. – School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
2016Jim ConardAward of Merit
2016Rod KramerOutstanding Retired Faculty
2016Rodney SpriggsO.A. – School of Human and Environmental Sciences
2016Tommy DodsonO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2015Art CousatteAward of Merit
2015Bo ReeseO.A. – School of Human Environmental Sciences
2015Bryant CliftOutstanding Young Alumnus
2015Dan & Kathy CallO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2015Jim GroverOutstanding Retired Faculty
2015Paula Monroe-AldridgeO.A. – School of Agriculture & Natural Sciences
2014Bobby CarderAward of Merit
2014Donne PitmanO.A. – School of Human Environmental Science
2014Kent KetcherO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2014Sonny BoothO.A. – School of Ag and Natural Sciences
2013David ThomasO.A. – School of Ag and Natural Sciences
2013Joe and Dee Ann NeillO.A. – School of Human Environmental Science
2013Mike SextonAward of Merit
2013Ted WattsO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2012Carmen CouchAward of Merit
2012Chief John FromanO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2012Jack TraskO.A. – School of Human Environmental Science
2012Rep. Wade RousselotO.A. – School of Ag and Natural Sciences
2011Clay RoblyerAward of Merit
2011Dennis ManningO.A. – School of Ag and Natural Sciences
2011Larry GlennAward of Merit
2011Patti Beth AndersonO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2011Rick VandaveerO.A. – School of Human Environmental Science
2010Dana JimO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2010Dr. Clark McQuiggAward of Merit
2010Dr. Collis GreenO.A. – School of Ag and Natural Sciences
2010Dr. Karen WellsO.A. – School of Human Environmental Science
2009Diane HammonsO.A. – School of Human Environmental Science
2009Earl ClarkO.A. – School of Liberal Arts
2009Laswon EssexO.A. – School of Ag and Natural Sciences
2009Willie and Jane OsbornAward of Merit
2008Colby and Debbie AllenAward of Merit
2008David FromanOutstanding Alumnus
2008Gene WaylanAward of Merit
2008Harvey MorrisonAward of Merit
2007Bobby HayesAward of Merit
2007Jackie KreegerAward of Merit
2007Phyllis WorleyOutstanding Alumnus
2006Adam WeeceOutstanding Alumnus
2005Dixie WoodallOutstanding Alumnus
2005Roy WilsonOutstanding Alumnus
2004Jeff TrusslerOutstanding Alumnus
2004Larry MochaOutstanding Alumnus
2003Glenn PurcellOutstanding Alumnus
2003Ted FisherOutstanding Alumnus
2002Brian AndersonOutstanding Alumnus
2002Brian MossOutstanding Alumnus
2002Woodrow BowlesOutstanding Alumnus
2001Jay ParmleyOutstanding Alumnus
2000British Flyers Training School CadetsOutstanding Alumnus
1999Barbara Stoner OwensOutstanding Alumnus
1999Cletus GreenOutstanding Alumnus
1999Kent ThomasOutstanding Alumnus
1999Robert LandsdownOutstanding Alumnus
1998Gary WardOutstanding Alumnus
1998Kimberly Jacobs TuckOutstanding Alumnus
1998Robert MendellOutstanding Alumnus
1998Steve TurnboOutstanding Alumnus
1997Alan RobertsonOutstanding Alumnus
1997Barbara FisherOutstanding Alumnus
1996Don DareingOutstanding Alumnus
1996Gene TuckerOutstanding Alumnus
1996James PeesOutstanding Alumnus
1996Jane OsbornOutstanding Alumnus
1995Clinton WhiteOutstanding Alumnus
1995Dr. Linda WarnerOutstanding Alumnus
1994Barry ReynoldsOutstanding Alumnus
1994Cherry Brewster RedusOutstanding Alumnus
1994Donna Nace LongOutstanding Alumnus
1994Dr. Forrest CrawfordOutstanding Alumnus
1994Dr. Ray Dale WashamOutstanding Alumnus
1994Jo-Lynne MaxwellOutstanding Alumnus
1993Stephen GwartneyOutstanding Alumnus
1992Joe HuttsOutstanding Alumnus
1991Carey CaseyOutstanding Alumnus
1990Carol CalcagnoOutstanding Alumnus
1990Don BarrOutstanding Alumnus
1989Joe SmithOutstanding Alumnus
1988Elizabeth Gee CrewsOutstanding Alumnus
1988Lloyd OgleOutstanding Alumnus
1987Dr. Carol MorrisOutstanding Alumnus
1986Carol OldsOutstanding Alumnus
1986Joe RobinsonOutstanding Alumnus
1985Archie GwartneyOutstanding Alumnus
1984Dr. Steve GrigsbyOutstanding Alumnus
1983John C. WoodyOutstanding Alumnus
1982Dr. Bill GoodmanOutstanding Alumnus
1981Marcia RoweOutstanding Alumnus
1980Bill ChristensonOutstanding Alumnus
1979Bob & Ruth Ann MaxwellOutstanding Alumnus
1978Dr. Bill AbleOutstanding Alumnus
1977Dr. Charles AngleOutstanding Alumnus
1976Lloyd Cole, Jr.Outstanding Alumnus
1975Jack. P. WallaceOutstanding Alumnus
1974Dr. Myron A. CordumOutstanding Alumnus
1974Mildred (Burford) CarterOutstanding Alumnus
1973Bill SmithOutstanding Alumnus
1972Charles C. ChesnutOutstanding Alumnus
1971David BurrOutstanding Alumnus
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